Antiwar 4 The
Million Worker March
Washington, D.C. October 17, 2004.

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The Million Worker March is an Anti-War March


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OCT. 17 2004, WASHINGTON, D.C.!

Jobs & Workers' Rights- Not War!

Bring the Troops Home Now!

End the Occupation of Iraq!


"We must keep marching ... before the elections and after the elections ... until we win justice for the homeless, the unemployed and we bring the troops home now ... Come out on Oct. 17th."

- Danny Glover, actor


On Oct. 17 in Washington, D.C., you will have a timely an historic opportunity to unite the anti-war movement with an unprecedented and vitally necessary mass march of working people speaking for themselves. This is a rare opportunity and the latest casualty numbers from Iraq show that it could not come at a more critical time. We cannot and must not rely on the elections in November to stop the war. We must raise our voices loud--not after the elections--right now.

Some of the strongest voices and most active groups in the labor movement, together with the active support and participation of organizations representing every progressive movement and cause, will be "getting on the bus" to D.C. on Sunday, Oct. 17, for the MILLION WORKER MARCH.

What makes the Million Worker March unique is that the event's principal organizers want to make the anti-war movement's demand to "End the occupation of Iraq, and bring the troops home now" central to the march's message and its goals.

Working people are coming to Washington, D.C. on Oct. 17 because whether their concern is about jobs, decent wages, layoffs, union busting, the battle to protect our pensions and Social Security, or to make health care a universal right instead of a privilege for the wealthy--with all we face, we had better raise our own voices and act in our own interests instead of relying on the next president, whoever that will be. And the MWM will also be calling for the troops to be brought home--not two, three or four years from today, but NOW!

Why? Because it is working families who bear the burden. It is their loved ones who are sent off to fight and die--and it is workers' money that is stolen to pay for war and occupation.

The call for a Million Worker March came from one of the most well known labor organizations in the country, famous for its long history of militancy, boldness and courage in defense of working people'Local 10 of the International Longshore Workers Union in San Francisco.

Over the past few months this call has rolled across the country, picking up the support of scores of labor unions, labor activists and leaders including:

The Coalition Of Black Trade Unionists; Bill Lucy, secretary-treasurer, AFSCME; National Education Association; American Postal Workers Union; Transportation Workers Union Local 100 (NY); AFSCME District Council 1707 (NY); AFSCME District Council 37 (NY); 1199/SEIU Delegates Assembly; South Carolina AFL-CIO; Farm Labor Organizing Committee; AFSCME District Council 92 (MD); D.C. Labor Against The War; International ANSWER; actor Danny Glover; American Indian Movement; ILWU Local 34; Troy and Albany Labor Council (NY); United For Peace & Justice; National Immigration Solidarity Network; New York City Labor Against the War; Global Women/s Strike; Teamsters Black Caucus; comedian Dick Gregory; Myra Shone and Ralph Schoenman, Taking Aim, Pacifica; National Association of Letter Carriers, Branch 3825; Howard Wallace, co-founder, Pride at Work; Jim Houghton, Director, Harlem Fight Back; Justice 4 Homeless, SF; United Steel Workers of America Local 8751; International Action Center; former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark; Nellie Bailey, Harlem Tenants Council; Howard Zinn, historian; Noam Chomsky, linguist; AFSCME Local 95, Local 205, Local 215,Local 389,Loca167,Local 1881, Local 1930; ILWU Entire West Coast division; CUE Local 3; and many more.

We urge you to work to make the Oct. 17 Million Worker March in D.C. the next major event for the entire anti-war movement. If we all rise to this challenge, we will put the next president and Congress on notice that we will accept no excuses for prolonging the occupation of Iraq and wasting lives and precious resources that should go toward satisfying people's needs like housing and schools. Moreover, we will have helped to forge a critical alliance between the grassroots of the labor movement and the anti-war movement that would represent a whole new level of unity, potential and power.

Does this sound like something worth working for? Does this sound like something you've been waiting for? You can help make it happen.


DOWNLOAD ANTIWAR4 Million Worker March Flyers From

BECOME AN ORGANIZER CENTER FOR OCT. 17: We are asking anti-war activists and groups to set up local organizing centers for the Million Worker March. Start meeting, planning, and reserving buses to go to Washington.
Anti-war coalitions and groups need to let us know ASAP if their group can be listed as an Oct.17. Organizing center, in their locality or region.

GET BUSES: make a goal of organizing a bus/or buses from your union, school, work place, churches, neighborhood, organization or club.

want to make sure that everyone who wants to come to Washington on Oct. 17 can, regardless of whether they have only a few dollars to give for a bus seat, or even nothing. We want to, wherever possible, make transportation free to young people, unemployed people, and others who are barely getting by. Your generous contribution will go along way towards helping this


Million Worker March reclaims labor's militant roots
D.C. protest calls for new movement the article


Yes! We Can Stop Bush!

Strategies for Stopping the War & Occupation

What do we have to do now?


9 am - 6 pm,

at the
55 WEST 13 ST. ( between 5th and 6th Avenue in Manhattan)

Bring the Troops Home Now!

Fight the Draft!

Support GI Resistance!

Stop the War Machine!

3 Sessions followed by open panel discussions including:

* Parents of GI Resisters

* Representatives of antiwar coalitions

* Draft resisters & youth organizers

* Anti-war veterans

* labor and community activists

for more information: 212-633-6646

A Call to Action

Stop the War Week

Dec. 3-11

The U.S. Plans to Re-Occupy Iraq will cause thousands of more casualties-We must take action to stop the war

The options offered by the recent Presidential election which resulted in 11 states voting to ban same sex marrigaes and the Pentagon's plans for a deadly assault on the people of Iraq clearly indicate that the only way to stop the war is through massive resistance in the streets.

As we write, U.S. bombs are once again dropping on Fallujah, a city of almost 500,000. This is the opening of a new "shock and awe" campaign to recapture Fallujah and more than 20 other cities that are currently controlled by the Iraqi people. The Pentagon's goal is to crush the resistance, utterly demoralize and subdue the Iraqi people, and install its Abu Ghraib-style occupation on the whole of the country.

It is with a shared sense of seriousness and urgency that we appeal to all antiwar forces to make the week of Friday Dec. 3 - Saturday Dec. 11 a time for actions across the country to stop the war, including job actions, student walkouts, boycotts, business closings, and other mass actions.

More than 100,000 Iraqis have died since the 2003 invasion of Iraq, according to a survey conducted by researchers at Johns Hopkins University, Columbia University and the Al-Mustansiriya University in Baghdad. More than 1100 US soldiers have died -- mostly young people from working class backgrounds and communities of color, lured by slick multi-media recruiting campaigns into the quagmire of Iraq. Hundreds of photos document the brutality and lawlessness of the U.S. occupation. Abu Ghraib has become a symbol of imperial arrogance, racism, and violence.

Now the Pentagon is openly planning to escalate the violence, with another massive assault against the people of Iraq in order to secure enough of the country to hold sham presidential elections in January. Since spring, beginning with the uprising in Fallujah, a growing number of Iraqi towns have become "no-go zones" for the U.S. occupation forces. The Oct. 8 New York Times reported that U.S. military planners had identified 20 to 30 towns and cities in Iraq that need to be "brought under control before elections can be held in the country in January."

This new assault planned by the U.S. will not subdue the Iraqi people, but it will cause enormous death and suffering for the Iraqi people. We in the antiwar movement have a responsibility to respond. The crimes that have been committed by the occupation forces are unspeakable, and the plans to retake cities held by the resistance will result in more torture, mass murders of civilians, and bombing of residential neighborhoods. We must do everything in our power to stop it.

In the Spring of 2003, millions of people took to the streets in opposition to Bush's plans to invade Iraq. Unprecedented protests, on all 7 continents, stood against the war. The people of the world united in denouncing the U.S. plans for imperial conquest and colonization. Yet the Bush regime moved ahead with a war that has cost more than 100,000 lives and left countless more injured and maimed.

Many in the antiwar movement looked to the U.S. Presidential election to stop the war. But the election never offered an opportunity to vote against the war. It is clear that we cannot expect the same politicians who supported the war all along, and who are funded by corporations who profit from the war, to end the war. It is working people who are paying the price for this war, and it is working people who will end it.

We are left with no other options -- We must take action to stop the war. Marches are necessary, but have not yet succeeded; the election did not offer the opportunity to stop the war. We must look to new tactics, and go from mere protest and opposition to actually stopping the war by any means necessary.

On October 17, 2004, activists working with the historic Million Worker March issued a call for December 3-11 to be "Stop the War Week." We are calling for anti-war activists across the U.S. and globally to make this a week to stop the war, to take action--student walkouts, job actions, boycotts, whatever it takes to stop the war now.

We have an obligation to stop the murder and torture and to take action with a sense of urgency, immediacy, passion and determination. It's time to say, 'No more!"


Back to the Streets!

We Need Action...

Dec. 3-11

Stop the War Week

We have an obligation to take action with a sense of urgency, immediacy, passion and determination to stop the murder and torture. It's time to say, "No more!"

We encourage activists to participate in the Stop the War Week through their own creative and innovative initiatives. We also encourage all anti-war forces to participate in one of the many activities that have already been initiated by activists across the country, including:

Dec. 3-Fri National Student Walk-Out

Dec. 4-Sat Emergency AntiWar Conference

Dec 5-Sun Haiti Solidarity Rally
New York College of Technology in Brooklyn-5:00 p.m. Haiti at the Crossroads: What is to be done? Stop the Killing. End Occupation. Restore Constitutional government. Speakers, film, & music.

Dec 8-Wed Nat'l Day of Action to Stop Military Recruiting

Dec 10- Fri International Human Rights Day
Actions focusing on the theme "Workers Rights, Not War, is a Human Right!" Also actions focusing on poltical prisoners in the U.S., including Mumia Abu Jamal and many others.

Dec 11- Sat. Bring the troops home now! local demonstrations

Dec 4-11- Sat to Sat Boycott Holiday Shopping to Stop the War!
No business as usual as long as the war and occupation continues! We cannot celebrate the holiday season while the criminal war continues - Antiwar forces will protest in front of businesses, including Wal-Mart, Starbucks, and others to spread the message of the holiday boycott to stop the war. Create smileys:


Million Workers March Audio and Video by Ryme Katkhouda, Fred Nguyen and the dc-radio-coop

Read the Washington Post article about the Million Worker March




MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE TO: People's Rights Fund/Oct.17 Buses, send to:

Antiwar 4 the Million Worker March
39 W. 14th St. #206
NY NY 10011


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